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When most of us think of healthy food we picture it to be flavourless, expensive, time consuming and not very filling. The recent ‘health movement’ says we should be eating kale juice, chia seed pudding and no carbs, eating anything bad is considered a ‘cheat meal’ and we are somehow meant to fit 5 gym classes a week around a full time job. The eating and living well craze has gone so extreme it’s become inaccessible and restrictive which is so far beyond what it needs to be.


Being a huge foodie, flavour is always going to come first for me when eating, which is why I hope to help you learn that healthy food can be delicious, robust, easy and accessible. With my approach to food being all about moderation and balance, I want to show you cooking nutrient rich food can be just as easy and tasty as the lasagne you are also so allowed to eat!



  • 2 hour cooking lesson at your home producing a delicious meal for two, plus a snack or sweet treat

  • Learn recipes individually personalised to your questionnaire answers

  • Clean Geeg booklet with the recipes, tips on healthy eating and information on products I love and recommend

£150 per class for 1-2 people 

Bigger classes and courses available

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For more information about pricing for bigger classes, courses and availability please contact me at or +447834722051